zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Something Personal - Cat amusement park

I got this huge ugly thing for my 2 cats, and it is totally worth it, they love it! I think the house is more of the cats than mine by now anyway...

Moos was already in there while I was still building the thing

Then Sam liked it as well

Moos got jealous though

Let's see how high we can get!

It's good for washing and sleeping too



5 opmerkingen:

  1. cat would love this!

    I love this post!


    Ps...omg your cats look like they are having so much fun! its adorable!

  2. Wat een mega kattenhuis! Zo te zien zijn je katten er erg blij mee :)

  3. Hey wat gaaf ....een blog!! Cool Guiditta!
    talke care,...and liefs aan Sam en Moos!

  4. Zoooooooooo lief en wat een gaaf huis hebben ze nu, super leuke foto's :)

  5. cool and it is bigger than the previous one Judith??? they love it and thanks to share pictures with us, see you soon! Doei, Claude